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How Plated Works

Plated online is a meal delivery service that sends you ingredients and instructions on how to create your meal.  You can choose your meals before the week begins and they will send you everything you need!  You pick the date and cuisine preferences (vegan, no fish, etc).

How Much Does Plated Cost

Plated has multiple options for weekly meal delivery.  The best deal is the 3 dinner for 2 people, which includes free shipping.  They offer first time customers a free meal for two with the purchase of their 3 meal/week package, that’s a $24 value for free!

Plated Subscription Plans

What are the Meals Like?

Every week, meals are automatically put into your box.  You do have the option to changes and replace any meals in your box before the shipping date.  Below is a screen show of sample meals you can choose for a week.  Usually there are 6 – 8 meals to choose from.

Plated Meals Plated Meals


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